The true cost of printing

Getting rid of your waste is expensive. In fact, waste disposal is one of the biggest costs for organisations and businesses. You have a legal duty of care to dispose of your waste electrical and electronic equipment in the appropriate manner. Otherwise you could be risking fines and even prosecution.

The Waste Hierarchy chart should be applied to your decision making (article 4 of the current EU Waste Framework Directive) in order to fulfil your duty of care (Environmental Protection Act 1990) when managing your waste.

Please take a look at the EU Waste Framework Directive and the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The Government, along with the Environment Agency are setting targets for producers with stiff penalties including imprisonment for non-compliance of the Environmental Protection Act 2006 3289 WEEE Regulations. We at GreenAgenda believe now is the time to think big on waste and to have a game plan on what you require as a business or organization.

See the Environmental Protection Act 2006 3289 WEEE Regulations here

If not recycled, toner cartridges are transported to landfills (up to 45,000,000 a year in the UK alone) causing the release of ozone depleting substances, greenhouse gases, and volatile organic compounds into the environment. Not to mention, it can take 1000 years for each of those cartridges to decompose.

Unlike many other recycling organisations who export their waste to overseas landfill, GreenAgenda collect, recycle, and treat waste within the UK, using the best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques available.

Our zero to landfill policy ensures that all products we collect and remanufacture are used to their furthest capacity, remaining out of landfills, and promoting a circular economy. This guarantees our products go back on the market to circulate as good as new. We also provide a wide range of skilled jobs with equal pay, benefiting the economy and providing a large amount of jobs to the public.

For more information on a circular economy and what you can do to help, click here

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