Top tips to improve how you recycle!

At home is where you can make the biggest difference to the amount you recycle. 

  • All your plastic bottles can be recycled, from mouthwash to salad dressing – so put them all in your recycling bin! In most boroughs, you can recycle all your plastic bottles, tubs and pots, and their tops and lids too.
  • It’s more than just newspapers you can recycle as well. You can recycle your envelopes, wrapping paper, birthday cards and even phone books. All types of cardboard can also be recycled, even toilet roll tubes and drinks cartons.
  • Most metallic items are also recyclable – It’s not just cans and tins you can also recycle, but kitchen foil and even empty aerosols.
  • Whenever you’re not sure what you can recycle, look on your local council’s website for more information.
  • Check the date you put out your recycling – Find out from your council what day your recycling will be collected.


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