The Government along with the Environment Agency are setting targets for producers with stiff penalties including imprisonment for non-compliance of the Environmental Protection Act 2006 3289 WEEE Regulations.

We believe now is the time to think big on waste and to have a game plan on what a business needs.  GreenAgenda have the solution to enable your business to fulfil your obligations, to prevent your printing consumables from going to landfill.

GreenAgenda brings you to the forefront of this environmental change and you would be an organisation that has reacted positively to this initiative and demonstrates your organisations commitment to a greener tomorrow.

More Information

To find out more, please follow the links below.

Hazardous Waste Advice and Legislation: www.environment-agency.gov.uk
Disposal of Hazardous Waste: www.gov.uk/dispose-hazardous-waste/overview
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA): www.defra.gov.uk
Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling (ICER): www.icer.org.uk
Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG): www.cesg.gov.uk